Freight Futures Risk Management

Mitigate your freight pricing risks with sophisticated, industry-leading market guidance. 

Freight Pricing in the Future

Truck freight prices inevitably will experience volatility in the future. When they do, you could face downward pressure on your revenue and/or profits, negatively impacting the financial health of your company.

Need for Risk Hedging


Futures Application Strategy

Freight prices are on the lower end of the spectrum but you can secure yourself now against future transportation cost increases that could reduce your profitability.


Futures Application Strategy

Stabilize forecasted revenue by locking in future rates to protect against unrealized price recovery or unexpected price drops. 


Futures Application Strategy

Mitigate financial pressures arising from being exposed to both shipping and carrying price shift volatility. 

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Start Managing Pricing Risk in the Freight Futures Market

Freight Futures is a contract commonly referred to as a derivative that allows shippers, carriers and 3PLs to offset real-world operational volatility due to price shifts. 

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The K-Ratio Freight Futures Pilot Program

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