Pricing Consulting

Optimize your profitability and new opportunities with K-Ratio’s advanced pricing strategies.

Growing Your Revenue and Customer Base

Always knowing the optimal freight pricing is instrumental to winning more profitable awards and growing the business.

This helps prevent possible future stagnation or even declines.

Need for Pricing Optimization

Increasing Load Counts: Make sure your prices are attractive to shippers to improve your chances for more customers. 

Maximizing Margins: Ensure your prices are high enough to easily cover expenses and improve margins.

Removing Undesirables: Recognize when price and cost demands would result in poor financial outcomes.

K-Ratio Engagement: Comprehensive Approach

RFP Development

  • Expert guidance on carrier identification and selection.
  • RFP/Terms development, negotiation, and implementation.
  •  Ongoing deal support.
  • Any issue negotiation/resolution. 

Traffic Analysis

  • State-of-the-art approach to segment transportation flows.
  • Identify real market pricing and trend.
  •  Post-deal freight auditing.

Pricing Optimization

  • Establish best-in-class pricing targets.
  • Analytic support to assess likely freight price changes based on proprietary market data .
  •  Identification of post-deal improvement opportunities.

K-Ratio Delivers Winning Strategies Because We Have:
1. PhD-level Data Scientists
2. Decades of experience
3. Most comprehensive market data on pricing and conditions

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